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Food & Beverage

Meat & Seafood

Marinated, seasoned, or just plain, a great cut of meat should be shown off with pride at the store level. Our meat trays are made to order for your desires—with different choices in sizing, colors or clarity, and different barrier properties to achieve the shelf life preferred.


Snacks are meant to go anywhere and be the meal in between meals—your packaging needs to facilitate that. PacFlex will identify a wide range of flexible packaging solutions to help you find the right balance of barrier, aesthetics, and user functionality.

Dairy & Deli

Dairy and Deli items come in all shapes, sizes, and temperatures. Dependent on the application you need for your product, PacFlex can provide packaging options and solutions that maintain the integrity of your product while differentiating its brand from the competition.

Bakery, Pizza, & Pasta

No matter what method used to get your product to the customer: un-cooked, par-baked, or fresh, the packaging needs to preserve the qualities that make it distinctive. Our expertise allows your product to feel homemade every time.


What Our Customers Say

When we think about BDC, we think partnership. BDC has been a great resource for all our packaging and equipment needs since we first opened our company. They’re reliable, focused on solutions, and very easy to work with. We all really appreciate their ability to be proactive in solving our needs in planning, prioritizing, and execution so that we can deliver to our customers. BDC is a company that we recommend highly! 

-Scott, VP of Operations
Bottling Co-Packer


Specific oxygen transmission rates are needed to ensure that your product gets the optimum shelf-life needed for both you and the customer- and different products have different needs. Let PacFlex help you to find the packaging that is best for your product.

Ready Meals

Whether it be a rigid plastic with a clear or printed lidding film, or a standup or flat printed pouch, when consumers can’t physically cook, they want their meal to be ready when they want it, where they want it, at comparable prices.


Don’t get lost in the frost. Let us help you set your product apart in cases-upon-cases of “frozen in time” packaging with new, innovative printing and packaging options that are both distinctive and functional.


Distinguishing your product in the vastly populated shelving is key to getting your product picked up by consumers. Let PacFlex find the optimal packaging solution for bringing your liquid to market.

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While PacFlex has a primary focusing direct contact food packaging, flexible packaging has a wide range of uses and applications. Pouches, bags, and wrappers can be found packaging cell phone and computer accessories, toys and games, sporting goods and apparel, as well as pet care food and accessories.


Computer Components

With the rapid development of new products and changing consumer demands, the need to innovate packaging for optimal performance drives us to provide you with the most unique solutions.

Mobile Accessories

Stay on top of trends and make the most of your packaging for your mobile accessories with distinctive, functional packaging that consistently meet retail code. With flexible options to choose from, your cases, screen protectors, or cables are guaranteed to stand out.

Toys & Games

Board & Travel Games

Whether you’re wanting to revel in nostalgia or stand out as the inventive new game on the market, we’ve got you covered. Our team of experts can help you claim your space in the aisle.

Surprise Toys

Create hype around your product with packaging meant to build trust among parents, and adorable, eye-grabbing aesthetics created to make children squeal with excitement..

Learning Toys

Your packaging should show parents that your product was created with them in mind by helping to build trust around your brand and foster growth for a child.

Sporting Goods & Apparel

Sports Apparel

Make a name for your brand by benefiting from all the sports apparel must-haves for items such as shoelaces, jerseys, and hats, and sweatbands. With fast turnaround times and custom designs, your product will exude high-quality.

Sports Accessories

Encourage friendly competition with frustration-free, functional packaging solutions designed to suit your product needs. Whether it be home gym equipment, golf-tees, hockey clubs, or more, we strive to bring you creative options that smash your goals and build brand loyalty.

Protective Gear

When you partner with our in-house team of experts, we work to bring you high-performance packaging and innovative branding opportunities that truly differentiate your brand from the competition, at the lowest total cost of acquisition.


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